Maverik Showroom Presents: Pete Williamson – The Chaser Years

THE CHASER YEARS: The Photographic Art Of Pete Williams is the first event in the build up to a major exhibition, in the summer of 2011, that will unleash the Interplanetary: Ancient to Future vision of Straight No Chaser magazine. This show is synchronized with the London International Jazz Festival and is devoted to the photographer’s deeply resonant, powerful and spiritually infused portraits which are grounded in today’s global club culture but stem from a musical diaspora which reflects the profound impact of this thing called “Jazz!”

Pete Williams is an artist. He has produced impressive bodies of work for Far Out records and MELT/B&W but he is internationally renowned for the iconic photographic images he produced for Straight No Chaser magazine. For over two decades he has worked closely with the driving force behind Chaser, editor and publisher, Paul Bradshaw and he took on commissions that mirrored Straight No Chaser’s uncompromising, outernational, cross generational musical vision.

Working predominently in black & white his work is part of a lineage which gave us seminal jazz photographers like Herman Leonard and William Claxton. Back in 1988, after studying photography at the Royal College of Art, Williams met up with the Chaser crew. They had just launched a “designer fanzine” dedicated to hip, wayward genius, Thelonious Monk and committed to what they called “The Freedom Principle”. He is an integral member of Straight No Chaser’ worldwide family and maintains a unique and long-standing working relationship with Paul Bradshaw and art director – Ian ‘Swifty’ Swift. The results of this relationship are manifested in this powerful collection of images which features influential nugeneration dons like DJ Shadow, Reprazent, Sizzla, Soweto Kinch, The Roots, Courtney Pine and Cassandra Wilson alongside spiritual jazz legends like Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders,McCoy Tyner, Yusef Lateef, Steve Reid and Nina Simone. On the global front there are outstanding portraits of Brasilian songbird Flora Purim, Mali’s majestic Oumou Sangare, the late great Maskanda queen Busi Mhlongo and that former Brazilian Minister for Culture – Gilberto Gil.

The Chaser Years is, without doubt, one of the highlights of this year’s London International Jazz Festival and to accompany The Chaser Years we are also presenting LIVE Sessions! On Sunday Nov. 14th Nov. 12 -3PM Chasin’ The Vision: An open discussion with the photographer, Pete Williams & Straight No Chaser’s Paul Bradshaw facilitated by Jason Jules (Garmsville) + Live music: Freestyle & Beyond. On Friday 19th Nov. 6 – 9pm: Live: The Funky End Of Things – An Open Rehearsal. (The MD for the live sessions is Jazz Warrior & Vibes master, Orphy Robinson. He is fresh from a world tour with wayward virtuoso violinist Nigel Kennedy.)

VENUE: Maverik Showroom




For all press enquiries, image requests & sales please contact

Angelo Carnielo at Maverik Showroom – Tel: 0207 739 6002 / Fax: 0207 739 3686

or Paul Bradshaw & Jason Jules on 0208 800 8982 /

Pete Williams:

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Empirical’s Nathaniel Facey Wins!

Nathaniel Facey, the incredible alto saxophonist with award-winning jazz sensation, Empirical won this year’s Jazz Medal for Young Musicians, hosted by The Worshipful Company of Musicians. The annual competition was held on 26 September at Albany Cafe-Bar, Deptford, with Facey beating off stiff competition from five other amazing musicians. This year’s competitors included master double bassist and fellow Empirical band member, Tom Farmer; trumpeter, George Hogg; drummer, Daoud Merchant; guitarist, Alex Munk; and stunning pianist, Ross Stanley.

The win comes just a few weeks after Empirical’s nomination for a MOBO Award in this year’s Best Jazz category for their critically-acclaimed album, Out ‘n’ In. Produced by Jason Yarde, and featuring special guest Julian Siegel, Out ‘n’ In was released on Naim Jazz in September 2009 and pays tribute to Eric Dolphy’s musical legacy through nine Dolphy-inspired original compositions and two new arrangements of his work: Hat and Beard and Gazzelloni.  The album featured prominently in Mojo magazine’s top ten jazz albums of 2009, as well as appearing in several other top ten lists – not to mention, garnering rave reviews in the US.

The Jazz Medal for Young Musician Award is presented to an exceptional instrumentalist under the age of 30, who is selected by an elite panel to participate (with up to five other contenders) in a live competition gig.  The competition is very unique in that the chosen musicians must agree their repertoire informally just hours prior to going on stage. The audience – comprising of jazz journalists, jazz educators, and general jazz enthusiasts – then cast their votes.  The winner is selected by majority vote of all the listeners present.

Nathaniel Facey receives prizes of £1,000 in value and will perform at a special victory gig during Spring 2011 at a London venue, with a band of his choice.

Last year’s winner was Empirical’s seasoned drummer, Shaney Forbes – making it clear to see why this young jazz band is destined for even bigger things to come.

press enquiries to: Laura Hamlet


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Protected: Album review: Julie Dexter – New Again

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Jazz Changes…Theo Davis

Date: 30/09/10

I’m an entrepreneur.  My business services are focused on entertainment and the music industry.  I wish to develop a career as an audio recorder & sound engineer. Thanks to HTCIC I have gained knowledge and an understanding of the industry I am about to step foot in. Working on the jazz reloaded  project has helped me gain knowledge within my field and also, gave me opportunities to make great connections that will prove useful when necessary.

During my time at work, I was able to complete short courses with them that furthered my qualifications. I wasn’t a great fan of jazz music, although I knew of one or two jazz names like Courtney Pine and Blake Aaron. But as a music lover, I quickly embraced it and became to realise that a lot of the popular media is influenced by this genre. From the placement with jazz reloaded my knowledge of the industry expanded. For example realising you need to be able to market & advertise your services the best way possible to gain clients, as this would more than likely make you and your business more become successful in the music industry.

I have worked in a great team with Taylor, Danielle, Elliot, Margret and Patrick, who all together have helped broaden my knowledge on an area that I would need in my career to take it to the next level.

For this opportunity, I would like to give a big thank you to Keith Gilles at Collage Arts . I am very thankful for your time and effort you and your team have put in to helping to teach me new skills and abilities for my career and work.

BY Theo Davis

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The London City Reggae Choir

When: Mondays 7-9PM
Where: The Brixton  Recreation Centre, Social Room 1, 5th Floor 27 Brixton Station Road, London SW9 8QQ.

Join our community! Celebrate Jamaica’s contribution to London’s culture as part of the London City Reggae Choir.

Many of us have grown up enjoying jamaican music and realise the privilege it is to know and love this music. Bring your own experience of this music and meet like minded people. Your experience of singing can be extensive or limited. Your background, origin, age and community is immaterial . Jamaican music has been developing for nearly half a century. Be part of London‘s foremost Jamaican music choir.

The London City Reggae Choir:

– A platform for beginning and experienced singers to train and work towards paid performances.

– A supportive and professionally led learning environment for all who love Jamaican music

– Sing, create and adapting classics in new ways, just like the pioneers of Jamaican music.

– An exploration of the Jamaican musical heritage and its influences including  Africa, Jamaican folk, work, church and ceremonial songs, Mento,
Merengue, Calypso, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Latin, Country, Carnival.

– An urban community of singers, conductors, arrangers and songwriters to develop a shared musical expression.

– Opportunities for volunteers in PR, promotion, events organisation, dance, fundraising.


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Jazz Changes…Elliot Mason

My career ambitions are to progress in the entertainment industry in the career of a ‘sound engineer’ preferably working for an organisation like the BBC or ITV. HTCIC helped me gain a further step into this career as they introduced me to jazzreloaded which helped me learn a lot more about the music industry, and make connections which will prove useful in the future.  HTCIC also helped me by allowing me to complete short courses which furthered my skillset.

Before the placement, I did not know much about jazz as it wasn’t my preferred genre in music; I only knew a few big names such as ‘Louis Armstrong’ and ‘Miles Davis’. From the placement with jazzreloaded my knowledge of the genre and industry expanded a lot with things such as knowing a lot more artists, realizing also that there were many young talented artists in the jazz industry which I would never have expected; when you first think the word jazz you automatically think of the old school legends!  I also learnt the importance of advertising and marketing in the music industry;  I’ve learned that, unless you’re advertised and marketed correctly, you’re unlikely to be successful in the music industry.

I enjoyed the work because it expanded my knowledge on a sector that I would like to take my career through and also because I worked with a great team such as Taylor, Patrick, Theo and Margret.

I would like to say a big thank you to Keith Gilles of Collage Arts for allowing me to take up this opportunity, I am very grateful for your kindness and I hope to stay in touch as I believe you should always keep in touch with the people who helped you get over that first hurdle.

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Protected: We can be more…

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African Heritage Month: Taking “Black” back

So, after The Mayor’s Office decided to cut funding for the multicultural festival Rise, this Black History month has seen the GLA  deliver its masterstroke; an 80% reduction in its funding for “Black History Month”. Helene, Mulholland, wrote in the Guardian that a ‘spokesman’ for the Mayor has insisted that the GLA “is not and cannot be a cash cow, nor a financial lifeline”.

Now, I do happen to agree that “Events must have local and community support” .  But, when the GLA takes the position that “The GLA does not own Black History Month” it shows that whoever in the GLA made this statement is ignorant the history of the GLA.

“Black History Month” in its current manifestation in London is entirely a construct on the GLA, which, for me, accounts for the lower level of engagement from the AfroPeans – Descendants of African extraction , existing in Europe or its constructs – which the GLA presumes to be intrinsically linked to the concept of a Black History Month.  As presented by the GLA,  “Black History Month” becomes an opportunity to project and reinforce a false history produced managed, manufactured and directed by organisations like the GLA.

Meanwhile, in the same period the London Development Agency, the Mayor’s economic arm, allocated £75,000 to USA Day and topped this up with a further £25,000 from the GLA purse making a total of £100,000 ( which, by my calculations is equal to the amount allocated to St Georges Day in the same period, but less than the £110,000 or more cut from the Black Jewish and Irish memorial budgets ).

Which brings us back to “Black History Month”, and behoves the questions:  How exactly do you celebrate the history of Great Britain and the United States of America without recognising “Blacks” at the root of their commercial history?   How did Great Britain secure maintain and defend its Greatness?  What was it that was United in the States of America?  How do you answer these questions without recognising the role that Africans in Diaspora  had/have in building the “Developed Nations”?  And how can you recognise Africans  / AfroPeans without recognising their culture, their philosophy, their art, their politics?

The truth does not stop being the truth just because you stop looking at it.  Jazz enthusiast Toyin Agbetu, writing for offers his views on what we’re missing:

“I’m envisioning an event exploring the history and works of Nina Simone, John Coltrane, James Brown, Bill Withers, Max Roach, Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye, Amiri Baraka, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott-Heron, Pharoah Sanders…  How deep would that be?  It’s making me remember all the history deliberately moved by funders of ‘black’ history into the peripheral position of ‘entertainment’ when instead those above and more who are responsible for articulating our consciousness through the art of music often provided the soul for our liberation movements”.

Clive Powell,  Co Founder of took a moment to articulate the contribution of British citizen /subject Joe Harriot, in his analysis of “Influences of Black British Jazz on Modern British Jazz Identity and Music”. Clive writes:

“Harriott, who arrived in Britain from the former British Caribbean colony of Jamaica, in 1951, aged twenty-three. Joe Harriot soon stamped his authority and unique sound upon the British jazz scene becoming instantly recognised as a major new talent. After a successful career in London in the late 1950’s with various bands, he formed his quintet in 1958 and in 1960 released what is now considered to be his most ground-breaking album, the eponymously named, ‘Free Form’. ‘Free-Form’, was recorded in November 1960, a month before US sax player, Ornette Coleman’s historic and groundbreaking ‘Free Jazz’. According to Lock (2005) the significance of the ‘Free Jazz’ album, is that it, “marked a turning point in jazz history and gave its name to a movement that later spread around the globe” (p. 70)…. Despite this, Harriot’s ‘Free Form’ is now considered as equally pioneering and as seminal as Coleman’s ‘Free Jazz’…. In November of the preceding year[1963], Harriot and his quintet received an achievement unequalled by any other British group, by being awarded a five-star rating by ‘Down Beat’ magazine.”

I’m reminded of the quote “The truth is like lightning, with its errand done long before you hear the thunder” In this case the truth is that African Heritage Month  continues to go from strength to strength, as more AfroPeans become stakeholders in the reinterpretation and reconciliation their history.

Case in point:  Sunday 3rd October 2010 was the landmark launch of UpRise Anti-Racism Festival – “Born out of the ashes of the former Rise festival [Cancelled by Boris’ office ], UpRise is a testimony of people power! Put together by a collective of individuals and organisations that believed passionately that the message of anti-racism still needs a voice”.

So as the sparks of the bonfire of the quangos fly ever upward, and  where GLA staff so clearly fail to engage the AfroPean ( or Irish, or Jewish ) community in celebration of their identity, perhaps Boris might consider cutting wages -or positions – of staff who are paid to engage and galvanise local communities but fail to do so, and reallocating this money to organisations and individuals who can actually do the job of putting the AfroPean experience in its proper context for 31 days out of 365. The GLA cannot be a cash cow or a financial lifeline for people who lack the courage to make the history of British AfroPeans their personal responsibility.

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Move on Up…

Move on Up TV and Film – deadline 18 October

Andy Akinwolere, Blue Peter presenter, features on the promotional flyer for Move On Up TV and Film 2010

Andy Akinwolere, Blue Peter presenter, used the opportunities provided by Move on Up to pursue his career in television.

Only hours to go before the deadline – Monday 18 October – for applications to December’s Move on Up TV and Film.

Applications can be submitted by post or online. The event is free to attend and is open to all BME professionals.

Download the flyer for full programme details and use the form attached to apply by post; alternatively use this form and return by email.

The event, organised by BECTU with BBC backing and support from across the industry, offers BME professionals the opportunity to meet with more than 100 executives working in TV and film.

The TUC will host the day on Monday 13 December at Congress House in London.

Applicants apply for 1-to-1s with their chosen professionals and use the opportunity to seek career advice, to pitch an idea or to learn more about a given organisation.

“Lack of access is the single biggest problem for BME professionals; Move on Up provides opportunities to network which are unmatched elsewhere,” said Janice Turner, BECTU’s project manager.

The BBC’s team, led by head of vision, Pat Younge, is more than 60 strong. Senior personnel from ITV, Channel 4, BSkyB, Endemol, RDF, Shine, Million Media, Outline Productions, UK Film Council, Film London and Skillset will join their BBC counterparts to provide the best line-up ever.

Speaking last month, Pat Younge said:

“With more than 60 BBC senior programme makers and commissioners taking part, Move on Up is a key event in our calendar for networking and talent spotting. We are absolutely committed to improving the diversity of our workforce across all areas of the business and are pleased to support BECTU with this scheme.

“I’m looking forward to meeting some of the next generation of TV talent who may not otherwise have found the BBC accessible.”

As well as 1-to-1s, the programme includes a full workshop programme. More details here.

Event venue: TUC Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS. Nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road Street Map

Query? Contact Teresa Debrou or call 020 7346 0900.

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Black International : 21st October 2010

Black International

Black International

A not to be missed opportunity for Black and Asian creative businesses and individuals to find out how to go global with their products and services.

At this panel discussion, you will hear innovative and entrepreneurial approaches on how to successfully sell your creative and artistic products or services internationally.

The discussion will be followed by a wine reception for you to network with other Creative businesses. Live music is being provided by Afrogroov and Afropop Live.

Chaired by : Gaylene Gould, Founder, Underground Railroad

Gaylene Gould, Black International discussion Chair
Gaylene Gould, Black International discussion Chair
Panellist: Pax Nindi, Director Global Carnival Centre
Pax Nindi, Black International panellist

Pax Nindi, Black International panellist

Panellist:  Paulette Long, consultant Westbury Music
Paulette Long, Black International panellist

Paulette Long, Black International panellist

Panellist: Erik Childerhouse, UKTI international business adviser;
Erik Childerhouse, Black Internaltional Panellist

Erik Childerhouse, Black International panellist

Date:     Thursday, 21st October 2010

Time: 6pm – 9pm (registration starts at 5.30pm)

Venue: London South Bank University, Keyworth Street, London, SE1 6NG

Cost: £5 (Tickets can also be purchased on the door – but you must register on eventbrite).

To register:

For further information:


T: 0207 193 4577

This programme has been produced by Urban Inclusion and Hatch Events with funding from the European Regional Development Fund and Arts Council England.

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Protected: CD Review: Zara McFarlane “Until Tomorrow”

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African Song, Drum and dance with Nii Tagoe

Nii Tagoe will be hosting this exclusive one day workshop on 9th October in London, venue to be confirmed.The aim of the day is to allow students to explore the richness of African rhythms, melodies and movement at a leisurely and relaxed pace. And to appreciate more vividly the connection between song, dance and music in African cultures.

Songs, rhythms and dances will be selected from the regions of Benin, Ghana and South Africa.

Nii Tagoe was born in Accra, Ghana, into a royal family made up of master drummers and dancers, from whom he inherited his talent for drumming, dancing and singing.

He came to Britain in 1990 as a principal dancer, drummer and teacher in the Adzido Dance Company and has since choreographed many dances, including Peter Gabriel’s floor show at the London Millennium Dome.

After leaving Adzido, Nii went on to self-fund the start of his own drumming and dance company Frititi in 1993, which was created to explore, develop and pass on to future generations artistic expressions through music, dance and rituals. Read more:


Song, percussion and Drumming Workshop, with Nii and Frititi – all levels welcome
there will be a very limited number of drums, and percussion instruments to use , so please bring your own instrument/ drum if you have one.

3pm-6pm Dance Workshop, led by Nii Tagoe, with live drumming – all levels welcome.

Song, percussion and Drumming workshop only: £15 in advance. £17 on the day
Dance workshop only: £20 in advance £22 on the day
Both workshops: £30 in advance. £33


BUS: 333, 133,59,45

ON FOOT: turn left out of Brixton tube and keep going up that hill for about 10 mins!!

Places: Are limited. Please pay in advance to secure your place & to ensure the workshop goes ahead. Deadline for discount bookings is October 4th 2010. TO pay please contact / 07949 761 589

How to book:

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Amazing Africa Festival

When: 9th October 2010, 12pm to 6pm
Where: Trafalgar Square, London
Adm: Free

Join Amazing Africa in this free festival celebrating the landmark Jubilee Independence anniversary of 17 African countries. See Trafalgar Square turned into a bubbling calabash of celebration of African culture through music, dance, enactments, food and arts & crafts.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the Rhythms of a continent with Ivory Coast superstar Meiwei, Daara J Family from Senegal, Modeste from Madagscar, Muntu Valdo from Cameroon and many more……


The event aims to recognise and celebrate the contribution of the various African communities living in London.

The event will provide a link for the Mayor to engage with members of the London African community who normally feel marginalised and disenfranchised from mainstream society, in particular the youth from these communities.

The event also aims to capture and follow-up on the anticipated buzz that will be associated by the continents’ hosting of the Football World Cup for the very first time. Thus, helping to increase investments, development and tourism opportunities.

To provide a high profile platform to showcase the richness and beauty of the continent, thus helping to change the perceived misconceptions of Africa.

Seventeen African countries celebrate their landmark Jubilee Independence anniversaries this year and the event on Trafalgar Square provides a focal point for the various communities whose diaspora contribute and make up the diversity of London’s melting pot. Namely: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Togo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For more info check out their website: Amazing Africa

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Why not celebrate your Black History Month with the Launch of Akoben Awards- ‘African History:Did You Know?’ CD

What: ‘African History: Did You Know?’ Edu-tainment CD Launch

Akoben Awards has worked with rapper and songwriter Kimba to produce a CD that provides a range of African histories in an accessible and engaging manner over rocking beats. The launch, which takes place during the Education in Britain Through Supplementary Schools & Mentoring event, will include performance of the songs, and a give-away of the CD, which will also be available through Harrow libraries, and for free downloading from

When: Wednesday 27th October, 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Where: Council Chamber, Harrow Civic Centre, Station Road, Middlesex HA1 2XF.

Free. For further information:

What: African History: Did You Know? CD Rewind & The Conscious Music Mini Discussion

Another chance to hear the ‘African History: Did You Know?’ edu-tainment CD made for Akoben Awards by rapper and songwriter Kimba, who will be joined by other conscious artists discussing issues around connecting consumers with artists that make conscious, positive black music to educate. It’s also an opportunity for artists and consumers to network and find out more about aims and plans of Akoben Awards. Ends with free-form improvised session centred on African history through music.

When: Sunday 31st October, 4.00PM – 5.00PM (registration & refreshments from 3.30PM)
Where: Gayton Library, 5 St Johns Road, Harrow, HA1 2EE (Harrow On The Hill station, by Debenhams/Cumberland Hotel)

Free. For further information:

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Direction Africa: Music, Film, Discussion

Tomorrow, 2nd October Afri-kokoa presents a one-day event in celebration of Black History Month, curated by experienced musician Peter Adjaye and award-winning artist David Adjaye OBE.

When: 2nd October 2010, 4pm – 1am Where: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA
Adm: Film and Panel: £5 | Live Music & DJs: £5 | Joint ticket £8, £6 concs

Combining visionary African art, film and music, Direction Africa celebrates the continent’s culture at a time when there is greater focus on Africa than ever before.
The event will include films and a panel discussion, with live music from M3nsa and the Afri-kokoa DJ’s playing till 1am!

-4pm – Film: Two films from the documentary series “Great Africans”, acclaiming the great visionaries of Africa. Nobel Prize winners Wangari Maathai and Wole Soyinka have championed the causes of millions, inspired the imaginations of their people, and pushed for a successful, brighter tomorrow. Their lives, careers, successes and failures are documented in these films, provided by Sanya Films.

-6pm – Panel: David Adjaye OBE and Yinka Shonibare MBE discuss Africa’s influence on contemporary arts and future models of contemplating culture. The discussion will highlight their current architectural and artistic works including ‘Urban Africa, ‘National Museum of African American History and Culture’ and ‘Ship in A Bottle’.

-8pm – Live Music: M3nsa (Singer, songwriter, producer) hiplife’s most respected pioneers, presents his new album ‘No 1 Mango Street’ with a live band.
Until 1am: Afri-kokoa DJs AJ Kwame and Volta45

FIRST 100 tickets bought will be entered in for a draw to win prizes including: Sterns CD’s, Signed book from David Adjaye OBE and Yinka Shonibare MBE and Afri-kokoa T shirts


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Calling All Musicians (24th Sept,22nd Oct and 26th Nov)

Are you a musican? Do you like to listen to great music? Well right here is a great opportunity to perform live in front of music lovers.

‘Love in the Community’ is a Jam session with live bands on the night. There are people coming form all over the U.K that listen and appreciate good music from all different genres so do not be afraid. All artists and musicans look no futher, as this place welcomes you.

Over the years this event has had a ton of the U.K’s now known superstars for example: The Heartless Crew, Alexandra Burke, Chipmunk, Ironik, Teezy, Wrectch 32 and many more…

The sponsors believe that U.K music and musicans have been undervalued. So their aim is to join forces with other great musicans to overcome this, and help U.K music to grow globaly and educationally.

This event is sponsored by Higher Level Alex, an award winning company supporting U.K entertainers & world music, and Collage Arts.

Collage Arts are offering to all ages a chance to train and gain a level 3 diploma in music business and production, music performance, performing arts, dance,film making and photography.

Event is On Friday 24th September 2010, 22nd October 2010, and 26th November 2010 all to be held @

The Music Palace

159a Tottenham Lane,

Crouch End,

N8 9BT.

Genres on the night are Raggae, Jazz, Soul, Funk, RnB, Hiphop, Bashment, Soca, Calypso, salsa, Rock.

For More Info

Contact Alex: 07930508031

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Opportunity- Writer required for choral composition

Apples&snakes- Poetry with Bite

Ever fancied hearing a choir sing your poetry? Has your writing ever been inspired by the City of London and its fascinating history? Read on…

Composer Joanna Marsh is planning a piece of music for a large choir plus solo voices, organ and percussion.

She’s on the hunt for some gritty, rhythmic and textured poetry in contemporary language that relates to the architecture, streets and life of the City of London today.

The rebuilding that has happened since the Great Fire of 1666 and the way the city has risen “like a Phoenix from the ashes” over the generations. Using the text she will be contrasting contemporary scenes with scenes from the past – particularly using extracts from the diarists who wrote about the Great Fire.

Eligibility: Poets who have relevant and pre-existing poems would be ideal but equally if there is a poet who feels excited by this project and that they could rise to the challenge, Joanna would love to hear from you.

Contact: with your ideas and samples of your work.

For further information please Contact us
To unsubscribe, simply click: Unsubscribe
Visit our website:

Apples & Snakes Ltd. Charity Number: 294030
The Albany, Douglas Way, London SE8 4AG
Tel 0845 521 3460

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The Benet McLean Quartet to Perform at The Black Grape on Sunday 26th October 2010

JazzMo’thology presents The Benet McLean Quartet who will perform Live this Sunday 26th September 2010 at The Black Grape (Music Venue/Gastro Bar), 268 West Green Road, London, N15 3QR.

On the night there will be a special chance to see this spectacular band that’s on the rise.The Benet McLean Quartet features: Benet McLean on the Piano/Vocals, Neil Charles-Bass, Saleem Raman-Drums and Jason Yarde-Soprano/Alto-Baritone Saxophone.

The Benet McLean Quartet is a gleaming example of modern Jazz and application of their artistic musical abilities to create a strong mixture of ; Contemporary Jazz, Hip-Hop and Classical musical styles that work well in motion.

The Benet McLean Quartet’s concert will take place at: 7PM, Sunday 26th September 2010 at The Black Grape (Music Venue/Gastro Bar), 268 West Green Road, London, N15 3QR.

Admission is £5 and for advance table reservation’s please call: 07506 873 381.

For more information:

The Benet McLean Band’s official site:

The Benet McLean Band’s MySpace site:

The Black grape (music venue/Gastro Bar) Official Site:

Author: Margaret Hickey

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Vox announce 15 new products!


2010 has already seen some of the best and diverse new gear from VOX with the arrival of new guitars, hybrid amps and amps for acoustic & bass players. Now, Vox are rolling out even more great guitar gear with 15 new products on the way, making 2010 one of the most prolific years for VOX in decades.

The new product line up includes something for everyone, from flagship hand-wired valve AC30 & AC15s to smaller micro amps like the valve powered Lil’ Night Train. The new Valvetronix+ range pushes the realms of modeling technology even further with more amp models, more effects and more power. For practicing at home take a look at the mains/battery operated mini3 modeling amp or the new AC1 Rhythm Vox – a great jam-along desktop amp. Last but by no means least, Vox have also been continuing their work with the legendary Joe Satriani who has helped to develop the 7th amPlug featuring Joe’s signature lead tone with your choice of delay on or off.

Turret board construction and hand-wiring make this the ultimate amp featuring an all valve design including a valve rectifier and Master Volume bypass section. The two-channels provide both Normal and Top Boost tone with the added bonus of a unique HOT/COOL switch giving a rich versatile voicing and a classic powerful sound.

Models: AC15HW1 • AC15HW1X • AC30HW2 • AC30HW2X • AC30HWH • V212HWX
Full info at


Delivering the perfect fusion of great tube amp sound and cutting-edge modeling technology, the Valvetronix series is once again powerfully and dynamically reborn, offering a larger number of highly evolved amp models than ever before. From the convenient and portable VT20+ to the dual-speaker VT120+, the new VALVETRONIX+ Series delivers the guitar sounds sought after by discerning guitarists of every style.

Models: VT20+ • VT40+ • VT80+ • VT120+
Full info at

Welcome the Lil’ Night Train; at under 3 kilograms, it carries this same minimalist flair and portability as the original VOX Night Train to an all new level! Two 12AX7 preamp valves and a single 12AU7 power tube provide authentic VOX tone in this ultra-compact 2-watt head along with the V110NT cabinet, offering a 10-inch Celestion VX speaker for the perfect cosmetic match.

Models: Lil’ Night Train • V110NT

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Drawing on VOX’s superior modeling technology, the MINI3 Modeling Guitar Amplifier offers everything a guitarist needs: a wide range of authentic sounds; great effects; a convenient, compact size; AC or battery powered portability; along with the great design that you’ve come to expect from VOX.

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AC1 Rhythm Vox
The new AC1 Rhythm VOX adds a wealth of features never before seen on a mini amp – until now! In particular, the rhythm function rivals that of dedicated units, providing a total of 66 Rhythm/Song Patterns. The AC1 Rhythm VOX is a great choice not only as a first amp, but also as a warm-up amp on the road or in your rehearsal space, for practicing using the patterns as a metronome, or even as a rhythm box. It’s sure to have a long and warm relationship with any guitarist.

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Joe Satriani amPlug
The amPlug series of palm-sized headphone guitar amps make it easy to enjoy great guitar/bass sounds at home, in your room, or anywhere. This lineup is now joined by the amPlug Joe Satriani signature model, which borrows freely from the VOX/Joe Satriani line of signature pedal effects.

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